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The Family-2-Family Foundation, Inc. - Extending a helping hand to our Nation's Defenders
The Family-2-Family Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable corporation established for the primary purpose of addressing, educating, coordinating and providing humanitarian aid and relief to help eradicate poverty among active, retired and disabled military members.  The Foundation provide nutrition, clothing, fitness, arts and cultural efforts regardless of their race, ethnicity or religion resulting in a stronger, safer and nurturing family unit on a local, state and global level.
The Foundation has a 25 year history of supporting military and community families in need.  Since 1985 the Family-2-Family project has provided assistance to over 1250 military and civilian families, 2510 children, and 13 Nonprofit Org in Middle Georgia, North Atlanta and their surrounding communities.   We focus our efforts on those in need during a crisis and financial hardship.  With today's economy so strained, it's not hard to find families in need of help.
Currently the Family-2-Family project is among the largest community assistance sponsor during the holidays for military members and their dependents.  The Foundation provides each child per household two complete outfits, underwear, socks, shoes, coats and at least one age appropriate toy, each parent or guardian receives gift cards and the household receives  an 80-100 lbs box of food.
We serve the community providing hope to the masses throughout the year for many years to come.  To carry on this much needed assistance, we are actively soliciting funding and contributions. Please consider making a donation to this worthy cause.
Annual Fundraiser - February 2015!

We need your help to provide the support our service men and women need as they transition from military service to day to day living.

Our goal for 2015 is to raise funding for Phase One of our F2F Transitional Housing for Military Veterans.  This a much needed resource for military members leaving armed service due to retirements, medical separations, unexpected downsizing and force reshaping.

Our goal for Phase One is to raise $250,000.00
Giving Never Felt So Good!